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Vilnius Ministries Quarter

The Lithuanian state property company – Turto Bankas – organised an international design competition in 2023 for the masterplan of a new Ministries Quarter facing the Neris River. The project entailed replacing two existing buildings with 20,000m2 of new office accommodation and master planning the rest of the urban block for future phases of development. The latter phases would extend existing buildings currently in use. When complete the new quarter would accommodate a range of government ministries such as Justice, Finance, Energy and Environment.

Our proposal created a public space on the south side flanked by two new buildings. The new square opened up the centre of the site and formed two new pedestrian routes through to the Neris River. The new Ministries were designed as efficient and flexible workspaces that maximised daylight. A combination of external ledges and roller blinds provide solar control when required. On both buildings external roof terraces add important staff amenity spaces, adjacent to the main meeting rooms and staff canteen area.

Project Details

Turto Bankas
Vilnius, Lithuania
Giuseppe Tonelli, Chris Hall, Joe Randall