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Svitava Bridge, Brno, Czech Republic

In April 2022 WMA won an open international competition for a new bridge over the Svitava river in Brno, Czech Republic. The site is in a post-industrial area north of the city centre, soon to be transformed into a vibrant mixed-use neighbourhood.

Designed in partnership with Buro Happold, the bridge consists of two cantilevered integral side spans connected in the middle by a central span supported on shelves. The main longitudinal steel girders consist of welded trapezoidal sections of variable height, supported by double V-shaped piers made of reinforced concrete.

The bridge will continue a newly planned street on the north bank, connecting it to the south bank, where a former industrial estate will be regenerated into a new cultural hub. Running alongside the chimney tower of Briess Malthouse, which will be saved as an emblem of the area’s industrial heritage

Project Details

City of Brno
Brno, Czech Republic
William Matthews, David Walker, Petr Suma
Engineering consultant
Buro Happold
Landscape designer
Šmídová Landscape Architects
Traffic engineer
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