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Sejong City is a new national capital being built in central South Korea, 120 kilometres south of Seoul. In addition to government buildings and residential areas, a new cultural quarter containing a range of new museums and galleries is currently under construction. The Korean Museum of Urbanism and Architecture forms the centrepiece of the masterplan and was subject of an open design competition in 2020.

Working with the Korean architecture studio, Archiworkshop, our proposal created two inverted pyramid volumes either side of a central circular entrance courtyard. Each pyramid contained either permanent or temporary exhibition spaces. The inner face of each pyramid shell is planted and linked by a series of spiral ramps leading to an observation deck at roof level. Storage and curatorial facilities are located below ground.

Project Details

Sejong City, South Korea
National Museum Complex
Date & Status
2020, Competition
Alex Fedyk, Joe Randall
Isaac Eluwole
Satwinder Samra
Project Details