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Gyeongsangbuk-do is a new town currently under construction in central South Korea. The 12,000m2 Human Resource Development building will be used to train local and regional administration officials. The brief called for range of staff and student facilities, lecture halls, a library, and sports / recreational facilities. The large site on the edge of the new town has a gentle slope that has already been terraced in preparation of the project.

Our proposal housed all the educational facilities in a single rectangular volume with a central atrium. The top lit atrium is also the main circulation space linking the lecture halls, library and staff areas. The recreational facilities (canteen and indoor sports areas) are located in a separate block set into the site slope, creating a pair of courtyards either side of the main building.

Project Details

Yecheon, South Korea
Gyeongsangbuk Provincial Gvt
Date & Status
2020, Competition
Alex Fedyk, Joe Randall
Isaac Eluwole
Satwinder Samra